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Located in San Antonio, Texas, Perfect Solutions Nutrition and Weight Loss is your choice for customized, whole-food based nutrition programs. We are a full-service nutrition center that specializes in personalized coaching through wellness and weight loss programs. Our nutrition classes teach you how to eat a high-quality, whole-food, nutritious diet that will help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your overall lifestyle. Perfect Solutions programs focus on encouraging you and guiding you to make better diet choices. The goal of the Perfect Solutions program is to transition you from less healthy diet choices to healthier ones. Your coaches, Donovan and Cecilia Maycock, are certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultants who will guide you through your transformation every step of the way.

Perfect Solutions divides food into three categories and coaches you on how to transition from one category to the next.

Perfect Solutions Beginnings - transition from Bad to Better Choices.

Perfect Solutions 4 Life - transition from Better to Best Choices.

Perfect Solutions is a USAA approved wellness program.

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Our Services

Nutrition Coaching Specialists in San Antonio

Nutrition Coaching

One-on-one nutrition coaching with a focus on our two customized diet plans.

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Healthy Shopping Tours led by Expert Nutritionists in San Antonio

Healthy Shopping

Perfect Solutions makes healthy shopping a fun and easy experience with our guided tours.

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Nutrition Classes taught by nutrition and wellness consultants in San Antonio

Nutrition Classes

Perfect Solutions classes empower you with Whole Food Knowledge and education about the contents of food labels.

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Ads for HEB, Whole Foods and Sprouts

Weekly Choices

Each week, Perfect Solutions publishes current ads from HEB, Sprouts and Whole Foods, identifying the Bad, Better, and Best nutrition choices you can make when grocery shopping.

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Recent Blog

Weightloss Leaders!

trophy-clipart-free-trophy goldenWeek of Aug 17-22

Congratulations to the following individuals for losing the most weight within a week!

  1. Sandra- 11.2lbs
  2. Zar - 10.0lbs
  3. Moses - 8.0lbs
  4. Cynthia - 7.4lbs
  5. Genaro - 6.6lbs 

Keep up the awesome work! 

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Weight Loss Success


I have recommended one of my medical assistants and several patients to investigate Perfect Solutions as a possible alternative for their weight related medical problems.”

- Dr. Garza, MD

After two weeks on the nutritional plan from Perfect Solutions, the results were immediate. More energy for work and play. The self confidence and self esteem increased significantly.”

- James

"I have been going to Perfect Solutions since 2011 and have never felt better. After four years, I have maintained the results I have always wanted. This is a lifestyle change that may take some time to adjust; however, if you stick with the program you will see amazing results. Going to Perfect Solutions is the best investment I have given to myself."

 - Sharon

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Perfect Solutions is a full-service nutrition center with dedicated nutrition consultants and coaches who empower our weight loss clients with the knowledge to improve their health. We help our clients lose weight, make more nutritious diet choices, reduce their occurrence of diabetes, and motivate them to live healthier lifestyles. We coach and encourage clients to make permanent lifestyle changes.

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  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach in San Antonio

    Donovan Maycock

    Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
    Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach in San Antonio

    Cecilia Maycock

    Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
    Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

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