Keto. Fact or Fiction?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

With every new diet craze, there is actually some truth to it. The problem is that the negatives are ignored or suppressed from the programs. So, let's talk about what is good about keto diets? Well, you cut out a significant amount of processed foods you were eating. The breads, pastas, donuts, pizzas and all the other so called "bad" carbs. So, of course you will lose weight. Your calories drop and your no longer bombarding your body with an unbalanced high carbohydrate diet. But, many of you have hit a plateau. So, I know some people are emotionally passionate about this and will disagree, no matter what I present, but the rest of you need to continue reading.

A diet that focuses on proteins and fats and avoids most carbs is UNBALANCED. So, what does that mean? It means your body has to compensate for this new ratio of fuel it gets. Yes, your brain can run on ketones, but does it want to? No, it wants whole food carbohydrates. Yes, your muscles can convert fat and protein to fuel, but it is not as fast as what it can convert from carbohydrates. And your liver and kidneys? Yes, they can deal with the extra load of the metabolic wastes, but should they? No. You need your kidneys and liver to give you an amazing metabolism, so you want them to function at their optimal levels, not crawling and sluggish from the sludge you are putting in your system. Yes, sludge. When you put too much fat in your system, your liver really suffers and has to pump that sludge through your body. So you are giving it a beating. The one organ that can make all the difference in the world to how you feel and give you amazing energy is being crushed by a high fat diet.

Now, let's get to protein. When you body converts protein to muscle energy the process creates waste that needs to be filtered out by your kidneys. When you workout in general, your body produces additional waste that your kidneys need to filter. See the problem? Well, some people find out the problem in the intensive care unit after they go to the emergency room from kidney failure. Yes, your kidneys are not indestructible and no, you can't replace kidneys like tires on your car. So, what is the moral of this rant? Eat a balanced diet and the right carbohydrates, fats and proteins based on your unique lifestyle. This is why you need a health coach like me to guide you. It is complicated and going it alone can be dangerous to your health. Literally.



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